An all-in-one solution for the synchornized use of iPads in the classroom.

Bring the classroom to life with interactive mobile presentations that teachers create and customize themselves.
And it's free.




"Nearpod has made the decision to implement iPads in our school a no-brainer. We have even purchased additional iPads just so we can give the students the chance to interact with this revolutionary app."


Bryan L. Miller
Head of Educational Technology, Pine Crest School, Florida, USA.


Nearpod is "the Best Collaboration Solution - EdTech Digest Awards 2012", it has 4 free tools to easily create, engage and assess.

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Content Tool - Teachers can create engaging presentations with the Content Tool, adding interactive features to them. It allows teachers to :

    • Turn curricular material into original Nearpod Presentations (NPPs)
    • Add unique interactive featues -- Quiz, Poll, Slide, Q&A, Draw it, Video, Slideshow and Browse the internet.
    • Publish NPPs for students to enjoy.
    • Share NPPs with colleagues aroud the word.
    • Access content anywhere because it's cloud based.

Teacher View - Teachers use the Nearpod app, available for free on the App Store, to control the presentation and see real-time data. They can use it to :

    • Share content with the class and control the students' devices.
    • Monitor the class's level of attention
    • Receive results in real time and share them with the class.

Student View - The Nearpod app, available for free on the App Store, allows students to participate actively in class using multimedia content and interactive features. They can :

    • Follow NPPs in a Synchronized way - no one is left behind !!
    • Log in to submit personalized answers.
    • Express their opinion on different topics.
    • Experience a multimedia class.
    • Be creative through drawing activities.
    • Get Q&A results and quiz scores.

Reporting tool - It enables teachers to monitor individual and aggregate results of the students' work. With the report, teachers can:

    • Analyze the class's progress.
    • Review individual work all at once.
    • Download reports for further analysis.




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