SlideShark is the popular mobile app from Brainshark, available for free in the Apple App Store, that allows you to view and share PowerPoint presentations on the iPad the way they were meant to be seen – accurately and professionally every time with animations, fonts, colors and graphics preserved.


PowerPoint on the iOS

          SlideShark is the creation of Brainshark, a company that helps users create online videos from their PowerPoint presentations. Needless to say, this company knows its way around slides and information dissemination. In its basic form, SlideShark is just an easy-to-use PowerPoint viewer, something that was missing from the iPad for a long time. Prior to SlideShark, the iPad version of Keynote worked, but it was never native and it didn't support the fun stuff like animations. The iPad is often favored for its portability and flexibility, and without a true presentation app, one could not argue as strongly for its workplace merits. Luckily, SlideShark delivers, letting you take your PowerPoint presentations on the road. That alone is a killer feature for many, especially when considering its low, low price of free — but there are other great tools.



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How SlideShark Works :

    The file from your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, upload a PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pps or .ppsx) file to your free, secure account.

  • VIEW
    Use the SlideShark App to download and view the presentation on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

    Share the presentation online or by email for on-demand viewing by others and track the viewing results.


SlideShark Core Features :

  • Upload PowerPoint files on the SlideShark website; open from email attachments on your device; or import from cloud storage apps
  • Press Play to view or show a presentation on your iOS device – with animations, fonts, graphics and colors intact
  • Tap or swipe to advance animations and slides
  • Swipe up to jump to specific slides and access additional features
  • No internet connection required when viewing/presenting


More Great Features :

  • Use a single SlideShark account to access & download presentations to one or more iOS devices
  • Access & import presentations stored in Box, Dropbox, Syncplicity and G Drive right from within the app
  • Connect to projector or TV using a VGA/HDMI adaptor (all iPad generations & iPhone 4 and later) or AirPlay via Apple TV (iPad versions 2 and 3, iPhone 4 and later)
  • Use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control to advance and navigate slides
  • Play videos embedded in PowerPoint presentations (.wmv or .avi format, PowerPoint 2010)
  • Use Presenter Mode to see slide notes, timers, animation counter and more (iPad 2 and new iPad)
  • Press and hold your finger on a slide to invoke the Laser Pointer
  • Click on hyperlinks to go to external websites or other slides within a presentation
  • Auto-advance slides with "looping" mode for tradeshows and events
  • Hide or re-order slides (iPad only)
  • Pinch to zoom in on slides (iPhone and iPod touch only)
  • Share presentations online for on-demand viewing by others and track the results
  • Replace outdated presentations with newer versions without losing tracking and viewing data


SlideShark for individuals :

To use SlideShark you must have a SlideShark account. Sign up for free on our website or register on the login page when you first launch the SlideShark App. Only one SlideShark account is needed to use it on all your iOS devices.

  • Free account includes 100MB storage.
  • Refer friends and earn additional storage.
  • Upgrade to SlideShark Plus for more storage and detailed reporting on presentations shared and viewed online.



Slideshark Remote Control

The iPad will display the presentation, and the iPhone allows you to advance the slides. So you can freely move around the room (within Bluetooth range, approx. 10 meters (30 feet)) when presenting and so aren't tethered to your iPad. The situation I find works best is when I'm presenting to a group of people and I've my iPad hooked up to another display, such as a TV or projector. I then use my iPhone as my presentation remote.



The remote option allows you to move to the next or previous slide (as you'd expected). However, as you have a display on your iPhone, you can select the specific slide you'd like to move to as well. This means you don't need to 'click' through the deck to get to the slide you are after – you can simply swipe up on your iPhone and choose the next slide you'd like to display. It's a neat feature that I've not seen in other presentation remotes before, and given the fact that it's a free app for your iPhone makes it all the better.


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