Explain Everything

There are very few paid apps for the iPad that I would say is a “must-have” app for schools. However, Explain Everything is one of those apps. We have put Explain Everything on every iPad we have deployed in our school is has been consistently the most used app outside of the camera on an iPad.

For $2.99 (with volume discounts available for education), Explain Everything is an app that allows students to create, collaborate, communicate and consume content at any age.


Explain Everything Explained

Explain Everything is essentially an app with a whiteboard type screen that allows users to record audio (and now video), write, and move objects all while recording in real time. The end products can be pictures, videos, are even template projects.  Explain Everything allows users to annotate any object on the iPad with the touch of their finger. It makes it easy for kids and adults to capture their screens and share it with virtually anyone.



Explain Everything can be a cost effective solution and/or replacement for interactive whiteboards (IWBs). The screen and finished videos can be mirrored to a projector using the iPad’s AirPlay capabilities (using Apple TV, AirServer, or Reflector). Many of the functions that IWB software provide can be found in the Explain Everything App at a fraction of the price.


Explain Everything 2.0

With the recent update, Explain Everything has made great improvements without affecting its affordability or ease of use. The option to annotate video while playing (and recording) is an especially powerful new feature. In addition, users can now enable the front-facing camera to record themselves while creating a screen cast. Below is a video highlighting some of the new updates to Explain Everything.



Why Explain Everything is a “Must-Have”

Explain Everything is a tool that can be used with any content area by virtually any grade level which makes it incredibly flexible. Teachers are able to use it to record lessons, create demonstrations, and export their videos to their blogs or Edmodo to support their instruction. They have also been able to use the videos that students create as an assessment tool.

I’ve really liked the iPad apps – especially Explain Everything. The kids worked together to show solutions to problems solving activities in math, explain how to multiply, write story problems, etc.   – 3rd Grade Teacher

Explain Everything also integrates with virtually every major free cloud service. Projects, pictures, files, and videos can be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDav, and YouTube with the push of one button. The preferences panel makes it easy for teachers and students who share iPads to easily switch between accounts. This versatility has been incredibly valuable in an environment where classes share iPads and teachers do not have access to sync iPads with iTunes.

So far, our teachers and students have enjoyed using Explain Everything on the iPads and I anticipate with the new update that even more will start to use Explain Everything in their classroom.


To learn more about Explain Everything you can visit their website at  http://www.explaineverything.com/


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